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According to the 「Act on the Conservation, Management and Use of Agricultural bio-resources」, we are designated as Veterinary sub bank of korea, and conducts the affairs regarding to securing diverse veterinary bio-resources and the safe preservation and management, and efficient use, of veterinary bio-resources in a professional manner

Applicable Regulations

  • Enforcement Decree & Enforcement Rule of the 「 Act on the Conservation, Management, and Use of Agricultural Bio-resources 」
  • 「Notice for Veterinary Bio-resource management」 (Notice, Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency)


  • Matters concerning the collection, short-term preservation, and analysis and evaluation of veterinary bio-resources
  • Matters concerning securing diversity of veterinary bio-resources, use and research thereof
  • Matters concerning informatization of veterinary bio-resources and other relevant matters


  • A state agency or an agency affiliated thereto
  • A national or public educational or research institute
  • A public institution under Article 4 of the Act on the Management of Public Institutions
  • A private educational or research institute, a legal entity, an organization, or an individual

Designation Criteria

(Resource) Meet over one criteria among three ones below

  • Virus : more than 20 species and 100 strains
  • Bacteria : more than 50 species and 500 strains
  • Parasite, fungus : more than 20 species and 50 strains

(Human Resource) More than one person in charge who has two years of experience at least and a master’s degree in relevant field

(Facility) Operate the facility with two criteria below

  • Over Biosafety Level 2 facility
  • Research facility with the field size of more than 200 m2


  • Public Notice
    Public Notice
  • Application/ Submission
    Application/ Submission
  • Document review
    Document review
  • On-site investigation
    On-site investigation
  • Review Board for designation
    Review Board for designation
  • Final designation & signing on agreement
    Final designation & signing on agreement

 * The procedure will complete within 30 days from the date of application.
 (Can be extended before the end of the first 30 days, if needed)

Contact Info Tel. +82-54-912-0719 Fax. +82-54-912-0721 E-mail. kvccvirus@korea.kr