According to the 「Act on the Conservation, Management and Use of Agricultural bio-resources」, KVCC distributes veterinary microorganism and other biological resources for research use in free.

NOTICE The biological materials, distributed, should be used for the purpose and period approved only, and should not be transferred to other organizations or facilities

How to distribute

01Apply for Distribution

Download KAHIS system, create a new account, and then make a request for distribution

Application Documents
1. Application Form


2. Written documents to obtain an approval for distribution
  • [Pathogen]

    Research Proposal

    Evidentiary Material to describe a Biosafety level of research facility

    - A copy of the certificate for a Biosafety level issued in accordance with the 「Act of transboundary movement, etc. of Living Modified Organisms」 and the 「Act on the Prevention of Contagious Animal Diseases」, or the description of facility’s laboratory materials and operation related to biosafety

    (Additional documents for High-risk pathogens, below)

    Evidentiary Material to describe the expertise

    A copy of the Institutional Biosafety Regulation

    An acquisition agreement for high-risk pathogens Forms

  • ………………………………………………………………
  • [Non-pathogen]

    Research Proposal

02Submission, Review & Approval

  • Approval within 14 days after the documents are submitted
  • The institutional review board may be held for high-risk pathogens. If so, the approval will be within 35 days


  • Confirm the result of having official approval for distribution on KAHIS system
  • Arrange the reception date of a resource with an official in Viral Disease Division*
    * (Contact) Tel. 054-912-0789, E-mail kvccvirus@korea.kr
  • Visit KVCC and receive the resource in person, after signing on the agreement for distribution and use regulations

04Provision of results using resources

  • Please notify us the performance of using resources, e.g. abstracts, papers and patent application and others
  • * Submit to kvcc@korea.kr and kvccvirus@korea.kr

Contact Info

Tel. +82-54-912-0719 Fax. +82-54-912-0721 E-mail. kvccvirus@korea.kr