The KVCC collects veterinary microorganism and other biological resources.

NOTICE Biological materials sent for deposit in KVCC will be classified as ‘open collection’ or ‘safe deposit’. Open collections are available to national and international scientific community with the purpose of academic and industrial use.

How to deposit

01Apply for deposit

  1. Online

    Download KAHIS system, create a new account, and make a request for deposit

  2. Offline

    Submit the documents for application (Deposit Application Form, Material Deposit Agreement) to the office of Viral Disease Division, APQA

Application Documents
  • Application Form & Description of Resource Characteristics  
  • Material Deposit Agreement (MDA)  


  • Conduct genetical and biochemical researches on resources requested for deposit
  • A request for re-deposit of a resource can be made, if required

03Registration/ Preservation, Public disclosure

  • Give the resource a bar code number, KVCC resource number and register on KAHIS system
  • Make a public disclosure for the resource information on the KVCC homepage(website). This is only for distributable resources.

Contact Info

Tel. +82-54-912-0788 Fax. +82-54-912-0812 E-mail.